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 As a concerned, busy parent, homeschooling is a challenge like no other.

You know you need to learn more about homeschooling, and you’re worried that down the line what you don't know is going to mess them up.

This scenario is all too familiar:
You’re looking for a new curriculum or solution to a problem for your child, so you go onto Facebook and ask other parents in your homeschooling group what they’re using.
25 people comment on 25 different resources and ideas. 
You are left more confused and uncertain than when you started. 
What you really need is a way to take the guesswork and trial-and-error out of homeschooling.
You need someone to help you figure out what works for your family's individual needs.

There’s nothing scarier than imagining the State coming after your kids or them not having opportunities for their future because you didn’t check all the right boxes. 

 “What’s the proper way to keep track of my records and develop transcripts?”
“How do I submit a formal withdrawal letter for school?”
“Who do I contact for required tests?”
You’ve visited every recommended website, parenting blog and homeschool forums on the Internet—but you’re still unsure about all of the requirements. 
And you know you need someone to help you make sure you have your ducks in a row.

Balancing being a parent, a homeschooler and working can feel like fighting a battle you can’t win. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, but there’s no possible way to complete your to-do list in so little time. 
Balancing being a parent, homeschooling and working (even from home) is overwhelming—and you do it every single day! 
The time between dinner and going to bed is like a mad dash of chaos.
You try to maintain a daily routine (but anything can throw it off and something almost always does).
Trying to keep the peace in your house between siblings feels like foreign negotiations.

There is a way to take the frustration, uncertainty and guesswork out of homeschooling...

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Now introducing...


Homeschool Success Club

A Membership Program Designed for Parents Who Want to Confidently Homeschool Their Children, Instill a Life-Long Love of Learning & Create Close Family Relationships

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Gain the confidence you need to take the leap of faith into homeschooling & trust the process if you already are!

Imagine you have clearly defined educational goals and vision, and you know your preferred homeschooling methodology, making you feel confident everyday about your homeschooling journey! 

Then you get to start each school day feeling sure about your routines, curriculum and your children's progress.

Learn how to inspire your children to be passionate, life-long learners.

Strategies to increase the love of learning culture in your family

Create a simplified, inspirational environment in your home!

Foster natural curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Nurture the close family relationships and confident kids you always dreamed of.

Help your kids discover their individual talents and unique mission in the world.

Find fun, engaging ways to nurture their strengths.

Experience the joy of family discussions, learning, and sharing like you never have before!

What’s inside the Homeschool Success Club?

60-minute monthly group workshop - New content every month!

  • 1st Thursday morning of every month on Zoom (group mentoring).

  • Access to member resources and workshops.

  • Each workshop will give you training on specific homeschooling topics (adaptable to most age groups), including strategies to implement right away.

  • Workshops follow the checkpoints in The Freedom Scholar Roadmap (See below)!

  • Live training and Q & A.

  • Association with other homeschooling parents.

  • All sessions are recorded.

  • Cancel anytime (see Terms & Conditions in checkout).

Detailed Worksheets, Printable Info & BONUS Templates!

These comprehensive worksheets to use during and after the workshops will walk you through reflecting on what you already have done, where you want to go and an action plan to get you there!
They will help you through setting your educational philosophy/methodology, vision and goals, scheduling and routines and more! 
You'll get all the information in printable format to keep forever!



Course Descriptions
Read Aloud Tracking
Digital Planner
Sample School Withdrawal Letter
Blank Page Mentoring Form
*Also, you'll have access to a private Facebook group with other parents gaining a sense of community, a support system, network, encouragement and ask questions, get opinions or feedback.

The Freedom Scholar Roadmap

Every workshop follows these checkpoints:


Checkpoint 1: Why You Won't Mess Your Kids Up!
Checkpoint 2: The One Thing That Directs Your Homeschool
Checkpoint 3: How to Make Sure Your Kids Will Become Life-Long Learners
Checkpoint 4: Recordkeeping Made Easy!
Checkpoint 5: The Thinking Shift That Makes All the Difference
Checkpoint 6: Before Choosing Curriculum, Do This!
Checkpoint 7: How You Can Make Sure You Hit Your Goals
Checkpoint 8: Creating Effective Routines, Working While Homeschooling
Checkpoint 9: What Should Your Day Actually Look Like?
Checkpoint 10: You CAN Be An Inspiring Mentor to Your Kids!
Checkpoint 11: What To Do When It's Not Working
Checkpoint 12: How To Create An Environment That Inspires Learning 

Monthly Membership


Great Deal!

  • Access to member resources and monthly 60-min group workshops.

  • Training on specific homeschooling topics with strategies and resources.

  • Workshops follow the checkpoints in The Freedom Scholar Roadmap (See above)!

  • Live training and Q & A.

  • Association with other homeschooling parents.

  • All sessions are recorded & available to re-watch.

  • Cancel anytime (see Terms & Conditions in checkout). 



Yearly Membership


Most Value!

  • Access to member resources and monthly 60-min group workshops.

  • Training on specific homeschooling topics with strategies and resources.

  • Workshops follow the checkpoints in The Freedom Scholar Roadmap (See above)!

  • Live training and Q & A.

  • Association with other homeschooling parents.

  • All sessions are recorded & available to re-watch.

  • Cancel anytime (see Terms & Conditions in checkout).
  • *One month FREE!

Meet your Mentor

Hey There! I'm Kami Wanous!

As a high school English teacher, I never followed the system. I always searched for better methods to help increase motivation and student success. 

After trying many techniques and strategies, I realized the system didn’t want to change. 

So I decided to homeschool, but my son and I quickly hated “school.”  We were both crying every day! 

I stopped everything, consulted with my mentors, did a huge reset, and we’ve never looked back!   

Now we have the most amazing family relationships and rich love of learning culture! 

When I noticed other families wondering if homeschooling might be right for them, I knew that they might go through the same problems I had when I first started out—even though I was a teacher!

Of course, I felt the need to help. So I created this program. 

In this work, I have found my true callinghelping families inspire their children to be life-long learners, nurture a passion for freedom, and discover their unique mission.

What other’s are saying about the Homeschool Success Club:

Katya Rodriguez

New Homeschooler, Mother of 2

Before starting the Homeschool Success Club (HSC) was lost in what I needed to do to prepare for home-schooling my sons. This is our first year of homeschooling and there was just so much information out there that I was overwhelmed. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to mess it up. This was why I joined the HSC group, it helped me understand the types of learning approaches available from Montessori, Charlotte Mason, to Thomas Jefferson Education. Kami provides lots of examples of learning strategies to learning examples. Kami gives you the tools to prepare yourself for what you will need to teach your kids. You also get resources from Kami-  calendar, to note-taking templates. Any questions I had Kami answered them in a timely manner and was able to ease my nerves. Thanks to Kami and the HSC group I feel ready to start this new journey with my sons. Going forward I now have a group I can turn to get support, ideas, or answers to any questions I may have."

Irene Enriquez

Veteran Homeschooler, Mother of 2


“I was nervous going into this school year since we were transitioning from being with a homeschool charter for 5+ years to filing a PSA (independent homeschool) for the first time. HSC was just what I needed to give me the confidence boost to start this year off strong. Not only does Kami cover the nitty gritty of homeschooling (e.g. state requirements, recording keeping, etc.) which was my main reason for enrolling in the course, but she also opened my mind up to the possibilities of what homeschool could look like for my family. It doesn’t need to be school at home; it can be an environment rich with a love for learning. My main takeaways that I hope to infuse my home with are “inspire not require” and “you, not them” – my example of what I’m doing to grow myself sets the stage to inspire my kids to love what they are learning. Thank you, Kami!"

Claudia Houston

Veteran Homeschooler Mother of 2


“Kami will help you unleash your questions and doubts about what road is best to take for your homeschool journey. This will help your children in the long run to take the right direction to accomplish what they want at the end of the day. Kami’s program is an investment in yourself. You can save your energy, time, and expense, and have the pleasure of knowing that you place the ladder exactly where you are heading."


Anayely Lara

Veteran Homeschooler Mother of 3

"I loved the course!"  It was very informative and it opened my eyes to what homeschooling can be.  Kami is a great mentor and motivator."