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Homeschool Mentoring

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Homeschool Mentoring

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The Freedom Scholar is proud to offer a high-touch,  one-on-one, individualized homeschool mentoring with veteran homeschooler and credentialed teacher Kami Wanous!

Kami works with homeschooling families to troubleshoot their current educational plan, set up a new plan/schedule, transition between types of education, choose a curriculum, and implement strategies and routines that create a rich Love of Learning culture and environment! She works with families to help their kids to become passionate, life-long learners who change the world in their own unique way. Let her help you and your family get a Great Education with smiles, laughter, fun, games, and amazing relationships! Set up a free Homeschool Confidence call with her today and see how you can have the homeschool experience you always wanted!

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We specialize in one-on-one mentoring in these areas & more:

✔️ How to Set Up Your Home and Schedule for Any Type of Homeschooling

✔️ Creating a Rich Love of Learning Environment and Culture

✔️ Troubleshooting

✔️ Curriculum Choice Assistance

✔️ Curriculum Development

✔️ Project-Based Learning

✔️ Recordkeeping/Transcripts

✔️ Meeting Homeschooling Legal Requirements

✔️ Leadership Education/Training

✔️ Managing Homeschool, Home & Work

✔️ Life/Success Skills

✔️ Increasing Love of Learning

✔️ Increasing Motivation

✔️ Preparing for College

✔️ Helping Your Kids Discover Their Unique Talents and Passions and Using Those to Make a Successful Life!

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Kami is a credentialed teacher with over 7 years teaching experience in public education and homeschooler since 2008. She lives in Northern CA with her husband and son.

Her study and teaching background is in English, leadership, freedom and success principles. She has a deep passion for freedom and education which is evident in her educational mentoring services and free content on social media.

Kami's mission is to heal families through creating close family relationships and a rich Love of Learning culture that results in lifelong learners and passionate, mission-driven leaders who move society in their unique way toward freedom!

She has been featured on CBS News, guest writer and speaker for many homeschooling conventions, blogs, magazines, podcasts and YouTube channels, including the Thomas Jefferson Education Homeschooling Convention veterans' panel.

What our clients are saying:

Tina Cucchinas

“Kami has been a wonderful coach, getting me started on setting up a private school (aka home school) for my little one. I was starting from scratch and didn’t know where to begin. I wanted to fix the school shortcomings experience for my child, especially apparent during this lockdown period. Kami told me exactly what to do, even walked me through processes online as I checked the boxes and registered. It was great. I felt nervous about the entire thing but just talking to her eased my mind. She has lots of ideas and recommendations. For anybody starting this process, I highly recommend The Freedom Scholar and Kami! It has been a great experience for me!”

Staci Payne

“I highly recommend my friend Kami Wanous and her mentoring/educational consulting group The Freedom Scholar. I just had my first personal mentoring session with her and I am so thankful for her wisdom and love of learning-plus she is one of the most lovable people you will ever meet. Kami is helping me reframe and introduce some new healthier concepts into our home education that make so much more sense to me. I am sooo thrilled to work with her! If you feel frustrated with homeschooling, a mentoring session with her will be beyond reassuring and hope filled. She also has a free Facebook group that has excellent content and weekly lives, too!”

Samantha Saroyan

“I’m so glad Kami is a homeschool mentor! She is a student of leadership and dedicated to the study of education like no one in her field. Now more than ever parents need advice in the areas of distance learning and homeschooling. Being a former public school teacher who also homeschools, Kami definitely has the expertise and wisdom parents are looking for to move their children in the direction of a better education.”

Cara Ball

“We met Kami through a friend that recommended her services for Home School parents. She was amazing to talk to and very encouraging as we were new to the whole scene. We went forward with some of her recommendations and found our groove. Thank you Kami for all your help!”

Lacey Olson

"Kami took such a huge weight off my shoulders with the idea of homeschooling.  She truly opened my eyes to see that schooling is all around us.  There are always moments to not only teach our kids but also learn right along with them.  She made me excited about the homeschool journey rather than overwhelmed by it.  Every day is a beautiful gift to be with my daughter.  Our bond is something I will never take for granted and I'm so thankful that we have a resource like Kami to help guide our path."

One Session High-Touch Mentoring


  • One 60-Min Zoom/Phone Session
  • Get your questions answered!
  • Realistic Actionable Steps Toward Your Individual Family Goals
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources to Build Your Learning Environment
  • Free E-Book "Creating Educational Harmony in Your Home"
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Lifelong Learning Individualized Mentoring Program

  • 24 session program of 60-min  1:1 Individualized Zoom Sessions scheduled at your own pace (over 12 months)
  • Live training in the Checkpoints of the Raising Leaders Roadmap (see below)
  • Realistic Actionable Steps Toward Your Individual Family Goals 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources to Build Your Learning Environment
  • Access to Templates (transcripts, course descriptions,  sample school withdrawal letter, & more!)
  • 50 page Homeschool Success Parent Planner & Recordbook (+Student version)
  • Mentor Available for Questions Between Sessions
  • Free E-Book "Creating Educational Harmony in Your Home"
  • Free Downloadable Workbook
  • An individualized plan with mentoring that results in lifelong learners and passionate leaders that will go out and improve this world!
  • Saves you time and wasted money on trial and error!
Chat w/Kami to see if this is for you!

Raising Leaders Roadmap

Student Level:
Checkpoint 1: Why You Won't Mess Your Kids Up!
Checkpoint 2: The One Thing That Directs Your Homeschool
Checkpoint 3: How to Make Sure Your Kids Will Become Life-Long Learners
Checkpoint 4: Recordkeeping Made Easy!
Checkpoint 5: The Thinking Shift That Makes All the Difference
Checkpoint 6: Before Choosing Curriculum, Do This!
Checkpoint 7: How You Can Make Sure You Hit Your Goals
Checkpoint 8: Creating Effective Routines, Working While Homeschooling
Checkpoint 9: What Should Your Day Actually Look Like?
Checkpoint 10: You CAN Be An Inspiring Mentor to Your Kids!
Checkpoint 11: What To Do When It's Not Working
Checkpoint 12: How To Create An Environment That Inspires Learning
Mentor Level:
Checkpoint 13: Teaching Subject Mastery
Checkpoint 14: Mastering Mentorship
Checkpoint 15: Preparing for Future Success