Homeschool Success with Kami Wanous Podcast

Homeschool Success Podcast with Kami Wanous

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Introducing Homeschool Success with Kami Wanous, The Freedom Scholar!

About the Show

Homeschool Success with Kami Wanous, hosted by The Freedom Scholar, utilizes more than a decade of homeschool experience, along with her public school teaching experience and relatable and practical mentoring of families all over the US and periodic guests, to take you on a journey toward creating the homeschool experience you always wanted and your family deserves in each episode.  Whether you’re an experienced homeschooler or a new one, making decisions about curriculum, setting up routines and keeping love of learning high can be challenging. This podcast will help you gain the confidence you need to help your kids reach their goals and become life-long learners.

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Meet Your Host

Kami is a credentialed teacher with over 7 years teaching experience in public education and homeschooler since 2008. She lives in Northern CA with her husband and son. Her study and teaching background is in English, leadership, freedom and success principles. She has a deep passion for freedom and education which is evident in her educational mentoring services and free content on social media. Kami's mission is to heal families through creating a rich Love of Learning culture and environment, resulting in life-long, passionate, mission-driven leaders and close family relationships that move society in their unique way toward freedom! She has been featured on CBS News, guest writer and speaker for many homeschooling conventions, podcasts and YouTube channels, including the Thomas Jefferson Education Homeschooling Convention veterans' panel.

Listeners are Raving About This Podcast!

So needed!


So grateful for Kami’s work, I transitioned my boys out of public school and into homeschool as I knew it was more beneficial for them, but navigating it alone and figuring out a good structure and rhythm was challenging. You’re always asking yourself “am I good enough parent and am I giving my kids the best right now?” Kami has been such a huge resource for my family and my friends just getting started.

The homeschool coach you need


Kami is an amazing homeschool mentor. I reached out to Kami for help when transitioning our three kids out of school and into homeschool. Her coaching helped give me the confidence to believe that I can do this! She has an infectious enthusiasm and positivity that will breathe life into your homeschool experience.

Great resource!!!


Kami has a breadth of knowledge to share and a knack for empowering you while doing!



Always giving out amazing information! Love that kami is always so helpful in my journey of homeschooling.

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How I Almost Killed My Son’s Love of Learning
Episode 3
Homeschooling with AI with Chris Remboldt (Artificial Intelligence for Parents and Kids)

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