Deschooling vs. Family Reset

Deschooling is recommended by most people when transitioning to homeschool, but Family Reset can be an intentional and productive way to get into your family's best groove.

Education's Biggest Myth Revealed!

Get ready to have your mind blown and paradigm shifted about the biggest educational myth!  The truth about this info is a game changer for your homeschool!


Teaching American Founding & Constitution Day w/Cathy Gillespie

Teaching your kids the principles and history of the American Founding and the Constitution is one of the most important elements of their Great Education. Also, learn how you can participate in Constituting America's Constitution Day events!

The Truth About Homeschool "Tricks"

Learn what the long and short term issues are with homeschool tricks and how to identify and solve the real root problem.


Homeschooling Computer Science with Ryan Swanstrom

Ryan Swanstrom, founder of Programming Professor, shares why your kids need computer science skills, what skills they need and how to get them.

Homeschool PE Is More Than Physical Activity

Spencer Aiken, founder of Stronger Together Education Academy and physical fitness/education expert, shares how your kids need "physical literacy" for their future fitness and long-term health.


Homeschooling with AI (artificial intelligence) with Chris Remboldt 

Chris Remboldt, K-12 homeschool student, entrepreneur, and founder of Future Homeschool, shares all about AI and how we can both use it as parents in our homeschooling and how we can prepare our kids to positively navigate this technology's future.

Homeschooling on a Dime

You CAN homeschool on a small budget! Homeschooling doesn't have to be expensive.  Learn tons of free and cheap ideas, strategies and resources.


Use Nature to Homeschool

Nature is a great teacher! Learn how you can use nature to study all subjects at any age!  Tons of resources, activities and ideas!

Learn About America During July 4th Week!

Holidays like July 4th are a great opportunity to send the message that "Learning Happens Everywhere All the Time."  Learn tons of resources and ideas for all ages to study America!


Homeschool Room or Not? Send the Right Message

What message are you sending with where you do your homeschool studies?  School rooms have pros and cons.  Learn how to send the right message.

How to Know When to Start Homeschooling

At what age should you start homeschooling?  Learn the signs that your child is ready to homeschool or do formal academics and the harms that can happen for pushing too early.


How to Respond to Homeschool Critics and Questions

Questions and opinions from friends, family and strangers can come up anywhere in your homeschool journey.  

Learn how to respond in a way that preserves relationships and doesn't leave you feeling judged.

To Summer Break or Not to Summer Break...

Whether you take a full, partial or no summer break at all, it's important to be intentional about the message you're sending about learning.

Learn the pros & cons of summer break and how you can send the right message!


Increase Love of Learning This Summer!

Summer is a natural time to reset, refocus and renegotiate schedules, expectations, relationships and love of learning. Learn how to conduct a partial or full reset in order to start your next year strong.  Learn more about the Homeschool Success Club here.

Plan for Next Year Now!

May/June is the time to start learning, reflecting, planning and implementing new rhythms.  Learn why it's important now whether you've been homeschooling or not, things to consider and where to find resources!  Learn more about the Homeschool Success Club here.


Have Fun Writing!

You can bring back the joy of writing and have tons of family fun with these ideas and activities!  Stephenie Wilson Peterson, children's author and homeschooler, shares how to reinvigorate writing in your family!

Poetry Tea Time w/Christine Owens!

Gather the kiddos, make some tea and snacks and share in a fun poetry tea time activity for the whole family!

Christine Owens, author and founder of A Year of Poetry Tea Time leads us in this great event and explains tons of ways to use this activity to increase love of learning, introduce literature, start a rabbit trail, have fun and make a special homeschool day!


Fun with Poetry Out Loud (Performance)

Gather the kiddos as we learn why it's both fun and part of a great education to experience poetry out loud. Learn about poetry readings and poetry slams! 

We'll also watch a fun short video about how to perform a poem and Kami does a performance reading of "Jabberwocky!"

How to Customize Your Homeschool!

Your family and kids have unique situations, needs, gifts and talents.  Learn how to individualize your homeschool to create your best homeschool experience!


Why Study Poetry & Fun Activities for the Family!

It's National Poetry Month and time to have fun studying and playing with poetry!  Learn why poetry is an important part of a great education and fun ways to explore and create it.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Curriculum

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the homeschool curriculum options.  Consider these 7 things before choosing what's right for your kids' and family's individual needs!


Worldschooling with Sam Keller

Imagine taking your family to immerse them in their education instead of just reading or watching videos about it!  Learn about the benefits of worldschooling  and how to do it effectively and easily from Sam Keller of Working Without Borders.

Fun Math Resources for All Ages

Incorporating family math fun in your everyday routine is easy!  Learn about all kinds of math games, videos, books, and strategies to increase your family's love of math!


How to Deepen Learning with What You're Already Doing

Learn the one thing that can deepen learning and get more meaning out of your homeschool experience!

The Importance of Family Work in Homeschooling

Family work is great during a reset, but it is also an important way to improve relationships, which are imperative to successful homeschooling.

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