Your Homeschool Could Look Like This!

It is important to hear stories of successful results to keep the vision, hope and confidence going.  It also helps you determine shifts you need to make and what you need to learn.  I share some amazing stories of our incredible homeschool experience and show you the roadmap on how to get there!

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Teaching Gifted Students with Melissa Muir

Learn how to identify gifted learners, how to homeschool them without pressuring or moving too slow where they'll be bored, both lowering love of learning, and how to keep up with their natural hunger from Melissa Muir!


Teaching Kids About Entrepreneurship & Money with Brittany Young

The skills of entrepreneurship and good money management help kids with success in whatever endeavors they choose for their futures! Brittany Young explains what these skills are, how to teach them and resources to use!


Teaching Students with Special Needs with Dr. Deanna Westedt

Dr. Deanna Westedt is a homeschool mom of 2 children with special needs and has research background in this area.  She shares tips and research from diagnosis to your parent mindset about it, to getting into your groove.


Unit Studies with Brittany Young

Unit studies are a great way to study together as a family while meeting your kids where they are at and increasing love of learning.  Brittany Young explains how to do this and tips to be successful!


Teaching Your Kids to Read with Dr. Deanna Westedt

Teaching your kids to read can be a daunting task.  Dr. Deanna Westedt is an early reading educator and shares the research and essentials to reading success!


How to Really Get College Scholarships with Denise Thomas

You've got middle/high schoolers and you need to make a real plan for your child to earn the most scholarships. Denise tells you how, including things you never thought of!


How to Connect with Your Teens w/Kent & Amy Bowler

Parent-child relationships affect the success of your homeschool. Especially with teens! Kent and Amy Bowler of Revolutionary Families have homeschooled all their children and have been through all the ups and downs, and they have helped hundreds of families have closer relationships!


Start Planning for College Scholarships Early w/Denise Thomas

Starting your college planning in high school, according to Denise Thomas, is already behind the curve! TEDx speaker, international best-selling author, and mentor to parents of college-bound teens, Denise Thomas inspires, educates, and equips parents to take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom.


Help Your Kids Make Great After-High School Choices w/Donovan Dreyer

Helping your kids choose the right future paths starts early, at every age, but can be confusing when your child has no idea what they want to do. Donovan has helped families smooth out the turbulence as young adults navigate the transition from nest-life to their best-life for over 20 years.


Being a Busy Parent & Present with Your Kids w/Melissa Muir

Homeschooling while, parenting, working, keeping up with kids' activities and household responsibilities can make it hard to be present with your kids.  Melissa Muir, a homeschooler of 4 littles, an entrepreneur and teacher, gives us tips on how to balance it all!


How Contests Can Help Your Child's Future Success with Meryl van der Merve

Meryl van der Merve teaches how academic contests & competitions can help teach real-life skills as well as deepen academic learning.  They can also help you child stand out on their transcripts, college apps and more!


You're Teaching Math All Wrong!

We typically homeschool math as we learned it in school. But, if you turned the entire way you think about learning math on its head, you will reignite a love of math in your family and deepen their understanding, skills and curiosity! Learn this new perspective and how you can implement it in your family's homeschool!


Deschooling vs. Family Reset

Deschooling is recommended by most people when transitioning to homeschool, but Family Reset can be an intentional and productive way to get into your family's best groove.


Education's Biggest Myth Revealed!

Get ready to have your mind blown and paradigm shifted about the biggest educational myth!  The truth about this info is a game changer for your homeschool!


Teaching American Founding & Constitution Day w/Cathy Gillespie

Teaching your kids the principles and history of the American Founding and the Constitution is one of the most important elements of their Great Education. Also, learn how you can participate in Constituting America's Constitution Day events!


The Truth About Homeschool "Tricks"

Learn what the long and short term issues are with homeschool tricks and how to identify and solve the real root problem.


Homeschool PE Is More Than Physical Activity

Spencer Aiken, founder of Stronger Together Education Academy and physical fitness/education expert, shares how your kids need "physical literacy" for their future fitness and long-term health.


Homeschooling with AI (artificial intelligence) with Chris Remboldt 

Chris Remboldt, K-12 homeschool student, entrepreneur, and founder of Future Homeschool, shares all about AI and how we can both use it as parents in our homeschooling and how we can prepare our kids to positively navigate this technology's future.


Homeschooling on a Dime

You CAN homeschool on a small budget! Homeschooling doesn't have to be expensive.  Learn tons of free and cheap ideas, strategies and resources.


Use Nature to Homeschool

Nature is a great teacher! Learn how you can use nature to study all subjects at any age!  Tons of resources, activities and ideas!


Homeschool Room or Not? Send the Right Message

What message are you sending with where you do your homeschool studies?  School rooms have pros and cons.  Learn how to send the right message.


How to Know When to Start Homeschooling

At what age should you start homeschooling?  Learn the signs that your child is ready to homeschool or do formal academics and the harms that can happen for pushing too early.


How to Respond to Homeschool Critics and Questions

Questions and opinions from friends, family and strangers can come up anywhere in your homeschool journey.  

Learn how to respond in a way that preserves relationships and doesn't leave you feeling judged.


How to Customize Your Homeschool!

Your family and kids have unique situations, needs, gifts and talents.  Learn how to individualize your homeschool to create your best homeschool experience!


7 Things to Consider Before Buying Curriculum

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the homeschool curriculum options.  Consider these 7 things before choosing what's right for your kids' and family's individual needs!


Fun Math Resources for All Ages

Incorporating family math fun in your everyday routine is easy!  Learn about all kinds of math games, videos, books, and strategies to increase your family's love of math!

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