7 Things to Consider Before Buying Curriculum

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the homeschool curriculum options.  Consider these 7 things before choosing what's right for your kids' and family's individual needs!


Worldschooling with Sam Keller

Imagine taking your family to immerse them in their education instead of just reading or watching videos about it!  Learn about the benefits of worldschooling  and how to do it effectively and easily from Sam Keller of Working Without Borders.


Fun Math Resources for All Ages

Incorporating family math fun in your everyday routine is easy!  Learn about all kinds of math games, videos, books, and strategies to increase your family's love of math!


Homeschooling When Life Happens

Life's challenges happen to everyone.  Learn how to homeschool through those times without parent guilt, stress and frustration.


The Importance of Hand Writing

Let's talk writing by hand vs. typing! There are benefits and drawbacks to both.  Learn why writing by hand is important for you and your kids! And we discuss the cursive debate as well!


How to Deepen Learning with What You're Already Doing

Learn the one thing that can deepen learning and get more meaning out of your homeschool experience!


The Importance of Family Work in Homeschooling

Family work is great during a reset, but it is also an important way to improve relationships, which are imperative to successful homeschooling.


How to Customize Your Homeschool!

Your family and kids have unique situations, needs, gifts and talents.  Learn how to individualize your homeschool to create your best homeschool experience!


How to Easily Restart After the Holidays

Taking a break is a great way to reset sometimes, but starting your routine back up can lead to frustration and complaining.  Learn how to restart after any break with ease!


Setting Goals for the Spring Semester

The holidays are over and it's time to start anew! In this mini-workshop, you'll reflect on the last semester in specific categories and set new goals with the end in mind!

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