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Our Deepest Wisdom

Dec 31, 2022

Happy New Year!

There are moments when it’s natural to reflect.  2022 has been a rough year for a lot of people and a hard year for freedom.  The world has seen a decline in health that would rival most other times in history, and perhaps more to come.  Between economic decline and shifts, combined with a society that seems to have lost its mind at times, many families have had some of the hardest experiences this year.

Personally, this year for sure has put me and my family through some of the hardest tests.  I spent most of the first part of the year sick from Crohn’s, ending me in the hospital and a long recovery through summer.  That combined with extended family health issues, really tested us, and as all struggle does, showed us where our strengths and weaknesses were.

“Your most difficult and devastating moments also shaped your deepest wisdom.” - Brendon Burchard

This quote from Brendon Burchard really spoke to me as a hopeful perspective on 2022 for us all.  This last year has taught me some hard-earned wisdom in some painful places.  I feel like the country has had the same.  We learned, some of us for the first time, what was real, what wasn’t, and that trust isn’t a given anymore.  Maybe we took that for granted before.  These are hard lessons.

More importantly, I feel so many of us found out how committed we are to our priorities.  We were tested.  Most of us, on some level, had to make some hard choices that lead to difficult and painful consequences and deep wisdom.

I have been so proud of the rapidly growing freedom-fighting community.  I have been a long-time freedom-fighter, and to see more people joining the ranks than ever before and having a true intentionality to lift up each other and our children is so inspiring.

I am an optimist as you might know by now. I have so much hope and faith in the spirit of people to learn, teach and fight for what has been called many things, but the Founders called it Natural Law.

This is our greatest hour.  2023 will bring us more tests and surely deep wisdom.  What a wonderful time to live! 

How amazing is it that we get to earn the wisdom and then pass that to our kids?  That they get to watch our example, experience the tests and get inspired by our commitment and continued faith in goodness and freedom.  Homeschooling is by far our greatest opportunity to do this!  It CAN be the most rewarding and biggest transformation that freedom has ever seen!

I’m so excited to help you troubleshoot and fulfill that long-term vision and our deepest wisdom that the world needs!

Have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you in the trenches!

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